Pharmnew Sp. z. o. o. is a Polish pharmaceutical company founded in 2013 as a continuation of Pharmcare company, which since 2007 has launched on the market brands such as Falumax and Urostonex.

Pharmnew's core activities are production and promotion of the diet supplements and dietetic medical remedy. Our medicaments are prepared on the basis of the wisdom of world's oldest medicines: Indian Ajurwedy and Chinese, however they are produced in modern and innovative pharmaceutical factories in Poland. All factories meet ISO, HACCP and GMP quality standards.
Our mission is to promote therapies based on herbal medicaments, which are less detrimental
 for the human body. Therapies based on herbs can be effective and safe alternative for the therapies based on prescription medicines, especially in the early stages of chronic diseases and their mild progression.

Moreover, Pharmnew deals with a promotion of medicines commissioned by other producers.